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Iggy Pop

I was commissioned to create a box set for the new release Iggy Pop: The Bowie Years, celebrating Iggy Pop's acclaimed output in the year 1977, mainly his two seminal albums 'Lust For Life' and 'The Idiot' that he created alongside David Bowie in Germany.

Blending a unique punk rock DIY visual ethic with a Bauhaus inspired tone, I developed a graphical language that gave this release its own character while sitting comfortably within the existing Iggy Pop world. This even included creating a bespoke one off set of type that highlighted elements of the Bauhaus graphical language alongside Iggy's rock'n'roll ethic. Using vintage posters, flyers, vinyl and photography sourced from music archivists and photographers who were present in 1977, the blend of fresh editorial content and exclusive imagery made this collection more than just a dusty old re-package. It's a true celebration of the work of two genuine icons for today's music collector.

The reception has been outstanding culminating in the People's Choice Award for Publishing at the Creative Pool Awards. Universal Music are also entered the box set for the 2021 Grammy Awards.

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