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Amon Amarth - The Pursuit Of Vikings

Commissioned by Twin V Ltd / 5B Management / Sony Music (USA) to create a full campaign of artwork for Amon Amarth’s new project, ‘The Pursuit Of Vikings’, a huge musical project based on an exclusive and in-depth documentary. The project included multiple formats for audio and video and revolved around the creation of the deluxe edition; a luxury hardback book containing a 48 page photo book of rare and unseen imagery from the band’s history. The book also included 6 discs, a patch and a metal amulet.

Initially starting as a runic logo, the project quickly developed into the creation of a wordmark. The lettering I created for the workmark worked so well, I decied to create a full font to allow the band to have a fully unique piece of marketing that will allow this project to stand out out as a one-off. Having a bespoke font for a project is rare in the current market so I was happy to create this for the guys and give them something that gave the project a real visual identity.

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