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My two rules of design

I've found that over the years, working on many different projects, I've always questioned why I do what I do. What are my design principles? Do I stick to them? Am I doing everything I could possibly do to make sure that the end product of any project is the best it can be? And as the creative body clock ticks on, the questions I ask always change but the goal is the same…am I any good? But with all the twists and turns, I seem to have come to a hard junction, a road sign that stops you in your tracks and makes you read it before you can go any further. On the sign it has two very short but important lines...

1. Give a shit.

2. Don't be a dick.

The video here is from one of my favourite creative people, a disgracefully talented guy called Joe Stewart who I think is on the same page, albeit a more concise and interesting one. He describes how good designers never find the solution they're looking for in Photoshop or in a font catalogue, it'll be from the desire to solve problems.

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