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The goal with Outlaw was to create a new personality in the rock media market that serves a fanbase currently not catered for on this scale. Outlaw is for rock music fans who appreciate the greats but also have a keen eye on the emerging talent. A respected brand that is built on quality, integrity with one eye on the nicer things in life and the tales that come with them. Features focusing on trailblazers young and old, people with a unique talent to buck trends and do things their way. Stories that are colourful, full of life and laden with rock’n’roll weight. That is the Outlaw way.

I was tasked with creating the brand from the ground up, including a full branding menu, editorial style guide for print and online as well as managing a team of the best freelance creatives in the industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

Outlaw has been received incredibly well within the music industry as well as the readers themselves. It has also been shortlisted for the Creative Pool Awards in 2020.

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